Welcome to the IÉSEG Risk Research Center (iRisk)

iRisk is the IÉSEG Research Center on Risk and Uncertainty. iRisk was launched in January 2020 to support further research activities in the field of decision-making under risk and uncertainty.

Welcome to the IÉSEG Risk Research Center (iRisk)


The research developed at iRisk goes from theoretical contributions on risk and ambiguity to applications discussing concrete issues, such as savings, insurance, portfolio choice, climate and health policy. Ultimately the objective of iRisk is to better understand and improve decisions about environmental, health, wealth, and other risks.

iRisk aims to bring together a variety of competences and make Lille and Paris globally visible as important risk and uncertainty research and teaching locations and provide infrastructure for an active exchange between theory and practice.

To learn more about iRisk, please contact any member of our faculty or research staff.

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