iRisk is in charge of the organisation of different events (seminars, workshops, etc.).


  • Higher Order Risk Preferences: Probabilities and Utilities
    March 30th, 2022
    Speaker: P. Van Bruggen (Department of Economics, Tilburg University)
  • Unpacking Overconfident behavior revisiting the hard-easy effect
    January 19th, 2022
    Speaker: C. Gutierrez Moreno (Bocconi University)
  • Intrinsic Preferences for the Timing and the Skewness of Information Revelation: Experimental Evidence on Information Structures and  Compound Lotteries
    December 16th, 2021
    Speaker: E. Diecidue (INSEAD)
  • A convenient truth: between-subject random incentives and preferences towards risk and time?
    December 9th, 2021
    Speaker: E. Kemel (CNRS, HEC)
  • Complexity, similarity, stochasticity
    December 2nd, 2021
    Speaker: E. H. Hu (University of Toronto)
  • Can Simple Psychological Interventions Increase Preventive Health Investment?
    November 25th, 2021
    Speaker: A. John (University of Birmingham)
  • Comparative Ambiguity Attitudes
    February 20th, 2020
    Speaker: F. Wang (HEC)
  • Fair Innings? The Utilitarian and Prioritarian Value of Risk Reduction over a Whole Lifetime
    January 23rd, 2020
    Speaker: J. Hammitt (Harvard Univ.)
  • Attitudes towards intervals of probabilities: an experimental investigation
    January 21st, 2020
    Speaker: E. Kemel (HEC)


Webinar Series on Credence Goods and Expert Markets. More info on this webpage.

Workshops and Conferences

On June 10th, 2021, iRisk organized an invited session during the AFSE 2021:


Title: Uncertainty and climate change

Chair: Loïc Berger, CNRS

Speakers: Gernot Wagner (New York University), Mar Reguant (Northwestern University), Christian Gollier (TSE, Toulouse)

Brown bag meetings

Brown bag meetings take place every Thursday.