Working Papers

The iRisk Working Paper Series intends to quickly disseminate the results of on-going research at iRisk. It covers topics on decision making under risk and uncertainty.

2023 iRisk Working Paper 2 / March 2023

More Ambiguous or More Complex? An Investigation of Individual Preferences under Model Uncertainty


Topics: Ambiguity, model uncertainty, complexity, Ellsberg paradox

2023 iRisk Working Paper 1 / January 2023

Unraveling ambiguity aversion

by Ilke AYDOGAN, Loic BERGER & Valentina BOSETTI

Topics: Ambiguity aversion, reduction of compound risk, model uncertainty, complexity

2022 iRisk Working Paper 1 / November 2022

Three layers of uncertainty

by Ilke AYDOGAN, Loic BERGER, Valentina BOSETTI & Ning LIU

Topics: Ambiguity aversion, model uncertainty, model misspecification, non-expected
utility, reduction of compound lotteries

2021 iRisk Working Paper 3 / November 2021

Nudging Student Participation in Online Evaluations of Teaching: Evidence from a Field Experiment

by Susanne NECKERMANN, Uyanga TURMUNKH, Dennie VAN DOLDER & Tong V. WANG

Topics: nudges, social norms, descriptive norm, commitment, student evaluation of teaching, participation, response rates, field experiment

2021 iRisk Working Paper 2 / March 2021

Risk, ambiguity, and the value of diversification


Topics: Diversification, ambiguity aversion, model uncertainty, hedging

2021 iRisk Working Paper 1 / March 2021

What is Partial Ambiguity?

by Loic BERGER

Topics: Ambiguity, model uncertainty, smooth ambiguity aversion, Ellsberg paradox

2020 iRisk Working Paper 1 / November 2020

Rational policymaking during a pandemic

by Loic BERGER, Nicolas BERGER, Valentina BOSETTI, Itzhak GILBOA, Lars Peter HANSEN, Christopher JARVIS, Massimo MARINACCI & Richard D. Smith

Topics: model uncertainty, ambiguity, robustness, decision rules